class descriptions

Our registered classes are perfect for teaching material in a progressive manner. As you grow, so does the content. Our Registered Classes are generally offered both In-Person and Virtually.


This is a set sequence of postures as revealed by Shri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Ashtanga is a dynamic practice that focuses on breath, energetic locks and gazing points to bring the practice into a moving meditation. This class is suitable for students with some experience and looking to build strength, poise and breath awareness.  Suitable for advanced students 


Barre is a combination of cardio, Pilates, yoga and strength training inspired by ballet… This lower-body focused barre class will help strengthen joints and muscles, and effectively target your legs and core. We will start with a center warm-up and cardio blast after that it’s all in the legs! Exercises throughout the class will be completed at the barre and on the floor. Be prepared to feel that burn! Suitable for advanced students

flow level 1+2

This Level 1/2 class is creative and fun. It is based on flowing postures and sequencing. It is suitable for beginners who want more of a challenge and ideal for those with more experience. Suitable for all levels.

flow + Restore

Join us for this yoga class, which offers both Vinyasa and Restorative elements. In the first half of the class, we’ll flow through a series of energizing vinyasa sequences that synchronize breath with movement to help you build strength, flexibility, and balance. In the second half of the class, we’ll slow things down and settle into longer held, restorative yin postures that release tension and promote relaxation. Suitable for all levels.

flow + somatic recovery

This special class starts off with a Level 1/2 flow that gets the body moving as well as using a host of somatic and fascial techniques to release body tension and reset muscles. A perfect way to bring healing movement and smart recovery for all your adventures off the mat. Suitable for all levels.


functional flow + therapy

This class is a combination of Flow and Yoga Tune-Up Ball Therapy. Using the Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls, excavate tension from your head down to your toes. Relieve aches and pains and discover a new level of deep relaxation! Suitable for all levels.

mindful movement

Mindful Movement features a variety of active and challenging postures while continuing to focus on presence of mind and body. Suitable for all levels.

restore + repair

A slow, mellow class with an emphasis on nurturing and restoring your body. Great for beginners and people recovering from injuries. Suitable for all levels.

slow strength + breath-work

Join us to work on strength, including core, with a slow, low-intensity approach. Breathwork will also be included in the class! You do not need any special equipment for this class. Suitable for all levels.

somatic recovery

Somatic Recovery is a restorative class optimized for resetting the body. Look forward to a host of techniques such as fascial release, massage ball work, targeted stretching and somatic flow sequences that will melt tension and leave you feeling great! Suitable for all levels.

tensegirty + repair

This class employs tensegrity, a movement system created by renowned yoga-teacher Gioia Irwin. Through a sequence of simple movements, the body’s fascial system is rehydrated and range of motion is restored to the hips, shoulders and spine. Suitable for all levels.

vinyasa pulse

Put your finger on the pulse of your practice with this 1 hr vinyasa flow & breath work class. Each class will begin and end with different breath techniques. This class is designed to get your heart pumping as you learn the importance of breath control. Suitable for advanced students.


A gentle yet challenging class for beginners or a restorative class for those looking to slow things down. This class works on opening the hips, back and shoulders through long gentle holds. The class focuses on the deep yin tissues of the body, relative to the more superficial yang tissues of muscles and skin. Yin yoga opens up these deep, dense, rarely touched areas. Yin yoga brings the body back into a state of healthy circulation and flow and increases flexibility. Suitable for all levels.

yoga strong

This is an area of practice that I feel needs to be explored further – adding yoga and strength movements to improve muscle mass and bone density as we age. Personally, I’m excited to bring Yoga Strong back to the studio! Initially, we will work with body weight, but then explore additional ways to load the body in a healthy manner. This shorter class is perfect for this type of critical conditioning. Suitable for all levels, you can scale the level of difficulty.