Jeff Mah, Teacher and co-owner of The Yoga Lounge, Canmore, Alberta

Jeff Mah

Yoga Teacher & Owner

I live at the intersection between art, science and spirit…

But it wasn’t always this way. Life can be mysterious, and the turns we are given can lead us down interesting paths. Over a decade ago, I found myself sidelined with a bad shoulder injury from snowboarding. Along the healing process, a friend suggested that I try yoga. While I eventually got my arm back, I found other things that are even harder to experience in our manic lives. Ideals such as happiness, awareness, and a desire to live better. The wonder of what it’s like to be alive in this world and time. It’s yoga that has given me the spark and audacity to try and make a difference.

Over these past 10+ years of teaching, I’ve seen a lot. I started through a traditional set-practice – the Ashtanga system, and from that disciplined foundation, sprung into a place of more freedom. However, upon that freedom, I needed intelligence and knowledge. My two primary teachers are Ron Reid and Hart Lazer. Through them, they have allowed me to understand the artistry of yoga and the science of how to move well.

With my teachers living in other cities, I find myself delving deep into personal practice for inspiration. As a yogic explorer, there is immense value from personal insight and I draw from these experiences to shape my teaching. My classes are full of life, free of rhetoric, and a genuine expression of what I believe in: courage, evolution and capacity.

May we see the connections between our practice and the world around us!

Let’s explore this life together,

Jeff Mah