Gayatri Jyoti

Yoga Teacher

I started practicing yoga during university as a way to balance the mental exhaustion and sedentary lifestyle of studying. In the years since, I have learned that yoga has the capacity to take you to the edge of who you consider yourself to be, and supports you in redefining your reality. This took me from a corporate lifestyle to an ashram in India.

In 2018 I was given the name Gayatri Jyoti by my teacher Yogrishi Vishvetketu – which means “goddess and giver of the light” – this name was given with the understanding that a spiritual name is a personal mantra of sorts – it is the name of your essence or soul. A spiritual name can be repeated when needing a reminder of your karmic journey in this life and the gifts you are meant to share. 
I have chosen to go back to teaching under my spiritual name as I had in my hometown of Edmonton. 
When I moved to the Bow Valley, I grappled with entering a new yoga community using my spiritual name. Also I felt I needed time to contemplate cultural appropriation that may be felt by the use of the name. I deeply respect the Indian and Hindu communities that this name originates from. And it is from a place of deep honour and respect that I am choosing to teach once again as Gayatri. 
To teach from the roots of classical Indian yoga from which I was taught – and to share though classes and conversations the light from which my name and my soul shines ✨
Feel free to call me Gayatri or Kristie – whichever feels comfortable for you.