We caught up with the wonderful Simmi to ask her about her teaching style, inspiration, and more! Catch Simmi for her two regular Sunday classes, and on February 1, 2020 for her special Acupuncture Yin Workshop with Jeanette Davison.

What is inspiring/informing your teaching lately?

What inspires me to teach and learn is how to silence the mind and listen to the body. This has been an ongoing learning experience for me, as I was taught at a very early age how to listen to the body, however when leaving India to move to Canada at a young age of 4, something shifted later in life and my mind grew more prominent, after having children and watching them in their bodies, I shifted and became more body aware again from my younger years. Innately I am more body aware, but somehow on the path of life I lost this and my mind ruled. When I was able to re-discover listening to my body, I found the balance between body-mind. This real life experience inspires me to teach others how to become more body aware and silence the mind.

What can someone expect from one of your classes at the Yoga Lounge?

This is a great question, as I have been teaching at The Yoga Lounge for the past 15 years. I teach for me and I teach for the community, I love to teach and I believe this resonates in my classes. I have heard my regular students say that “I need some Simmi love” or it is “Simmi Sundays” which resonates on why I only teach at the Yoga Lounge and why I only teach on Sundays. It is some what of a tradition for me to teach on Sundays and for those who can attend join me on the mat. I infuse love and healing in my Sunday classes, transmission and channeling of energy, you want to give to others, was something I was taught at a very young age by my grandfather. This gift is something that I like to share with those who join me.

Can you describe some of your journey as a teacher and how it has led you to where you are day?

Learning yoga, mantras, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine at a very young age, first from my grandfather and from my parents. My mother at the beautiful age of 84 years old still practices meditation and gentle yoga to maintain her youthfulness. My great grandfather formulated the first digestive aid in Ayurvedic medicine which his formula was sold to a British Pharmaceutical company, he taught me that all health problems start with the gut, once you balance the gut health you can obtain optimal health. As Ayurvedic medicine is the root of yoga, they work synergistic together, once dose not work without the other.

What other things are you enjoying/are inspiring you in your life right now?

At this time in my life, my two children are both living away from home attending university, so my husband and I, with our dog Oreo, have the spacious of time to our ourselves. We have been travelling together and re-discovering the relationship we had before kids. With this newfound sense of time, I have re-discovered my joy of painting. Playing with paints and various techniques have brought out the child in me. I have also been co-teaching in a series of yoga teacher training’s which is a path I am enjoying. My passion for Ayurveda, the root of yoga, brings me the ability to share my innate knowledge and wisdom with future yoga teachers.

What is one thing you did today to nourish yourself?

I like to find a bit of joy in everyday, for me finding joy nourishes my soul, something as simple as taking a walk in the woods, listening to a waterfall near my home or finding a woodpecker while having the gift of seeing and listening to him at work nourishes my soul. As I write this, I am sitting in my son’s, Nicolas’s, apartment in Antigonish, Nova Scotia as we prepare for the excitement of his graduation, X ring ceremony from the University of St. Francis Xavier, tomorrow! This brings be JOY!

Anything you notice in your classes, that you would like to communicate to students?

If you need to connect to your body, quiet your mind and need a bit of love/healing come to my Sunday classes. I will look forward to seeing you on the mat at The Yoga Lounge.