We caught up with one of our newest teachers, Lisa Baptie, to ask her about her teaching style, inspiration, and more! Catch Lisa for her regular Flow Level 1/2 class on Saturdays at 10:45AM, you can participate Virtually or In-Person.

Q: Tell us about your journey with yoga and teaching yoga

When I made the decision to take a yoga teacher training, it seemed a logical next step, I was a physiotherapist interested in learning more about movement, yoga was intriguing and I wanted to delve more deeply into what it had to offer, and I loved the community and my yoga teachers. It all made sense, I was on my way, and then, about half way through my teacher training I became pregnant, and my plans for teaching, and life in general, took on a whole new direction. Instead of fast paced Ashtanga classes, I started teaching prenatal, and then Mom & Baby classes when my daughter was born.  As I explored my winding path through pregnancy and parenthood, I took lots of calming breaths, used a gentle flow mixed in with strength and resilience, looked for the humour and empathy in all situations, and then I tried to weave those lessons into my classes. It was a lovely community to be in and the connections I developed with students was filled with learning and laughter.

Since that initial, surprisingly different start to teaching, I’ve found that in every new stage of my life, yoga has been there to help me through. Teaching allowed me to continue to quietly grow and learn, regardless of the chaos of little kids, homeschooling, moving (5 times!), new careers, new towns and communities. Wherever I landed, I could pick up my practice and feel grounded and connected once again.

When we moved back to Canmore, after a long stop over in Calgary, it took a bit for me to find my way to the Yoga Lounge, but once I did, it became a fixture of my morning routine. I’ve met wonderful people and amazing teachers and I’m so grateful to be part of this community. I’m excited for this new chapter of teaching to unfold.

My practice is always inspired by all the incredible teachers I have encountered, and more recently those in the Bow Valley. They all have their unique perspectives and approaches to yoga, and as I move in their classes, I often tuck away a nugget or two of wisdom to pass on in my teaching. I’m always drawn to the outdoors, I revel in the quiet beauty. There is an unwinding of tension, a revisiting of what matters most, every time I step into nature and take a deep breath. I try to bring this sense of calm in the face of uncertainty to my class, a resilience uncovered through movement and breath united.

I hope to bring a certain level of challenge to my classes, allowing people the opportunity to explore new ways of looking at their practice. The movement is connected to breath, mindfulness and finding an alignment that works best for your body. I recently participated in a Pain Care Aware teacher training, and by incorporating these principles, I hope that everyone can find their level of challenge and ease in my class.

Practicing at home can be an incredibly personal journey, creating a setting to dive deep. But, it can also devolve into a time full of distractions. I try to practice early in the morning when my kids are asleep, my dog is calm and I can put aside all the “to do’s” for an hour. If you find a time during your day when you can focus on your breath, your mind and your movement, you are well on your way to a meaningful home practice.

Hope to see you in my class soon!